Monday, November 17, 2008

Southern California Fire Update

My friend Erin who I occasionally get to stamp with lives in Chino Hills, which was affected by this weekend's fires. Erin was actually out in the desert, enjoying a scrapbooking weekend retreat but her hubby kept the watch and took some amazing pictures from their driveway/in the street in front of their house that I wanted to share with you! This has been a monster of a fire, and still only minimally contained at this point. Many homes lost, many families displaced. No word on how it started, but this morning they were saying 26,000 acres had burned. Thankfully the wind situation is changing from a Santa Ana condition to a more normal ocean/sea breeze that we normally experience, so humidities will increase, helping the fire fighters. Keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers, as it's not over yet.

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