Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Gift Card Holder

We missed celebrating my niece's birthday in September as my brother's work took him to Hawaii for a store opening, so when we celebrate my nephew's birthday tomorrow, we'll also get to celebrate his big sis's bday, too! We had picked up a Toys R Us gift card for her, so today I used scraps from my Simply Scrappin' swap to create a gift card holder for her gift card. I hope she likes it. I'm amazed how easy (and fast) these gift card holders are to put together, and how great they look! I ended up altering Adela's directions a bit, and will post them here once I get a chance (I seriously need to get to work cleaning my house!!).

At the end of our church service today, our pastor called out the branches of the armed forces and he asked veteran attendees to stand and we all clapped in appreciation of their service to our country. I'm such a softie - I started to tear up!! I love my country, and was proud to honor those who have fought to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. Have a great week, and enjoy your day off if you get to have Veteran's day off.

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