Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fabulous Gift Card Holders!

I had a great time at my upline's today! We finally got to get together to do our gift card holder swap, and man, these ladies did some great work! Those there today said it was ok to post images of their work on our blogs, so I'll get some pictures taken and post them tomorrow. After driving the hour home from Jeanne's, I picked up some Subway sandwiches and then got busy working on progress reports for my students. I don't know who set the schedule, but having progress reports due Monday morning by 8:30 am after a holiday week off was criminal! Instead of playing a game with my youngest before she went to bed, I got to spend 2.5 hours finishing up some grading, then spending another hour plus on the computer to log in the grades and then input them online. It's now 11 pm, and I really should be heading to bed! Instead, I'm pretty much wide awake, not wanting to head to bed just yet. Guess I should head upstairs anyway... Have a great week!

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