Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, the CA Non-Convention Goers gathering is off, and I'm totally bummed!  We started with 10 interested in the event originally, but four have had to drop out, so yesterday it was decided to cancel the event (with the hopes that we could do something in the future with more of us attending).  I'm bummed because I spent quite a bit of time over the past two weeks making my swaps, getting my shoebox swap together, making a special treat for my fellow stampers, and putting together a demo - black magic with a twist, which I ended up creating a card for them to quickly put together after having fun with the technique.  So, I've been taking out my frustration by shredding a couple of bags worth of old paperwork that's been taking up space in my craft room.  Still have a little to go, but the shredders have overheated, so I'm done for the time being.  Guess I'll spend the day on Saturday cleaning so that hopefully I will actually be able to sit in my chair at my desk and stamp something by the end of the weekend.  I need to work on my blog hop projects, anyhow.

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Yapha said...

I'm bummed too!!! I hope that we can all get together soon!