Saturday, July 18, 2009

Which Version Do You Like Best?

I made this card last night, first with the Melon Mambo rose. After looking at the finished product, I couldn't help but think that a Rich Razzleberry rose might look better. So... I colored another of the pre-embossed roses I brought with me and colored another one in Razzleberry ink. The watercoloring isn't as good as my last Razzleberry rose (that'll teach me to watercolor at night, without good lighting, when my eyes are tired!). This morning I took some shots of it out in the sun on the lanai, which wasn't as easy as you might think as it's SUPER windy, and the sun kept wanting to pop back in behind a cloud. I laid the Razzleberry rose over the Mambo one and had to shoot quickly before the wind knocked it off and sent it flying. All to get a shot so you can let me know which color rose you like the best on this one! I'd appreciate your thoughts. Mahalo!


Sandra said...

I think that they are both very pretty. I would choose the top (razzleberry) one though.
All your watercolor roses are beautiful.

Donna Faglie said...

They are both very beautiful. I like #1 the best because the colors are more brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl I agree with the other two ladies. Both cards are beautiful but I think the razzleberry one looks the best.

Wanda said...

Think I prefer the melon mambo; not quite as drastic, though both are beautiful. I have yet to see a rose done with the embossing that I didn't like. TFS.