Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Closeups of 'Let it Snow' Mantle Garland

Here are closeup views of the panels that comprise my 'Let it Snow' mantle garland that I finished back in December.


Carin said...

I've discovered your blog through SCS, and wondered if you might enlighten us on the specifics of the garland design? I looked it up as a keyword there, but didn't see a tut or anything. I just wonder how you shaped your cardstock (score, fold, then cut and round?) and how the pieces are attached (tape)? Thanks in advance if you have time for more detail, or could direct me to a tut somewhere I missed--I'm a teacher too, so I know busy can get the best of us! I'll watch your blog for a possible response! Have a good February!

Stamp/nScrap said...

Hey Carin, thanks for your kind comments. I've posted the info and a pic of the back of my garland - hope it helps! What grade/subject do you teach?