Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jeanne's Cake

We had our team meeting today at Jeanne's. It was great fun - we made a cute milk carton container set that Becky Roberts has a tutorial for. I had purchased the tutorial last winter but had yet to make one, so it was fun to make one as our project during our meeting. Jeanne had two varieties available, and I picked the summer-looking Tart & Tangy set that she had all cut out and ready for us. Jeanne walked us through each step as we put together our milk cartons and we had a great time chatting while we were working. FYI - Becky's tutorials are great - you get lots of pictures and directions for a fantastic price. I also purchased her terrific tote tutorial and had fun making the tote over spring break (still need to make the cards, though).

This month's meeting was a special one because Jeanne's birthday is tomorrow, so we brought her hand stamped birthday cards, there were balloons and flowers, and I baked her a gluten-free cake. I used some of the cake decorating tools I'd purchased from our local cooking store after taking a holiday cupcake decorating class with our youngest last December. I took the poinsettias we'd learned to make back in December and turned them into sunflowers with chocolate chip centers. It was a lot of fun to decorate for our fantastic team leader, and yummy, too!

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