Sunday, July 31, 2011

Redone Cover

Remember when I shared with you in my July 24 post the cover I'm planning to use for my Maui 12x12 scrapbook album that I'm creating while we're still here on vacation?  Well, I believe I mentioned in the post that the photo I used was one I'd found in a Google search and I was hoping to redo it with an actual shot I had taken while on vacation in Maui.  Well, the cover has been edited and it now includes an image I took on Kahana beach, right out in front of the condo we were renting, and those are my daughter Arianne's footsteps!  I like my image much better, especially with the personal tie-in now.

Thanks for popping by, and I hope to have another two-page spread to share with you tomorrow!


Mickey Roberts said...

Definitely better to have your daughter's footsteps.

Yapha said...


Sue said...

Your picture came out so well! This cover will make the album that much more special over the years!