Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another MDS Scrapbook Page and a Helpful Hint

I've been trying to troubleshoot off and on all day today, trying to figure out why My Digital Studio on my Vista machine hangs, particularly when you try to adjust a font on an MDS project.  I updated Windows, reinstalled QuickTime and Java, uninstalled and reinstalled MDS, all to no success.  Late tonight I was reading a thread on Stampin' Addicts about someone who has MDS loaded on her Mac and was having a similar issue.  James, SA site administrator, made a comment about fonts sometimes causing problems when you have too many of them on your system.  Since I was having MDS hang when trying to work with the fonts tool, I had that 'a ha' moment and checked how many fonts I had installed.  Between the fonts and the various versions of each, get this, I had 422 installed!  YIKES!  So, I took some time to delete fonts that I never use, trimming my font list down to 180.  I went back to MDS, and guess what?!  Now it works!  If you end up getting MDS and run into font problems, check how many are loaded on your system and trim the fat a bit if you need to - you'll find it runs great after that!  After other posts I read about fonts, it sounds like my system should boot faster now, too!

Since then I've been working on a scrapbook album of the Girl Scout Junior Jam campouts that my girls have participated in over the past few years.  Here's a page where I took a layout from one of the kits that is part of the MDS software, then changed it by moving page elements around, deleting some, and sizing the pictures how I wanted them.  If you are into scrapbooking, I think you'll LOVE My Digital Studio.  Soooo easy to use!  It's a great tool to add to my craft stash, and I'm so glad Stampin' Up! created it.

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