Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Knitting Project

In May, our youngest's Girl Scout troop leader had the girls working on a yarn arts badge. One of the projects was knitting. She gave each of the girls a Knifty Knitter circle loom and showed them how to get started. After seeing how easy it was, I decided to pick up one of the looms myself. I bought the red circle loom, which is a good size to make hats for kids. My first hat was made without a brim (basically because I didn't see that you could add one until I'd already knitted too much). My second hat, which I made yesterday, has a brim. Next thing to make is a matching scarf, but I'm starting to run low on the yarn I selected for the hat, so I'll need to make a trip over to Joann's later (and that yarn happens to be on sale this week - yay!).

I was thinking that this might make a good project as part our our FLEX schedule at work. A lot of my female students like making friendship bracelets and the like, and it might be fun to do a few crafty projects, including making a hat. The problem would be finding an affordable way of getting 36 looms (along with yarn)! Any ideas would be welcome!

Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you have a great weekend, once it's here!

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