Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ok, So Sometimes I'm Not So Observant...

...but I knew I really liked the Elegant Trio Stencil when I first saw it:

So, tonight I was making some simple wrappers to go around some large mouth plastic containers that I use on my desk at work (each holds one class period's worth of large colored tongue depressors, each with the name of a student in that particular class period, so I can randomly draw a stick to choose a student to answer a question - helps me to not always choose the kid with their arm up).  I have a LOT of retired designer series paper, so I thought using some of it to decorate these containers would be a great idea.  I happened to grab the plastic 12x12 scrapbook storage box that had some of my old favorites in it - Afternoon Tea, Bali Breeze, Petal Patch, Western Sky, Le Jardin and Enchante, to name a few.  Le Jardin and Enchante (same paper, different color schemes) coordinates with one of my favorite retired stamp sets, Carte Postale:

As I'm thumbing through the packs of Enchante and Le Jardin, I started to focus on this particular sheet:

Notice anything?  There's that gorgeous flower from the Elegant Trio Stencil!  Upon further examination, I also noticed the Fleur-de-lis on the paper, which of course matches the stamp set, which also matches the stencil:

Do you know how happy I am that I don't get rid of retired Stampin' Up! products?!  Next time I am working with the Elegant Trio Stencil, guess which papers I'm going to grab?  Your first two guesses don't count... :)  I'll post a picture of the finished canisters tomorrow as I only brought one home with me.


Cindy said...

It's almost like they planned it that way! Spooky, huh? *ducking so I don't get hit with what you're throwing* ;-)

Adriana Benitez said...

Kewl. I didn't notice either. (Don' hit me instead when you throw something at cindy, lol)