Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where Does the Time Go???

Life has been getting in the way of me doing something more fun like stamping!! Two weekends ago, I was busy helping our youngest finish up her science fair project (she got 2nd place in her class!). After that due date, she and I played 'Beauty and the Beast' at her piano recital (my first recital since 8th grade - and we sounded great!), and then the next day was the Curriculum Fair at her school. Girl Scout cookie booth sales two nights later, and then two days of helping our eldest on a major project for her Life Science class that she missed when she had pneumonia from the week before (she got an A+!). Yikes! So much to do, and so little time. I'm happy to be a little less busy this week, but there's the laundry I fell behind on from last week, the house that needs cleaning, the papers that still need grading and entering... it seems like there's always something lately! I've seen so many CUTE things posted on the stamping blogs I like to visit, and I'm getting restless because I want to stamp!! Hopefully I can steal away a little time this weekend for some creative time. Until then, thanks for stopping by, and may you find some time to do something fun this week/weekend!

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