Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The winners are...

I had two polls running on my site, which ended Sunday. The first was which of the outgoing In Colors would my readers miss the most, and everyone agreed with me - we'll miss Wild Wasabi the most. The second poll was about blogs that have music playing in the background. The results on this poll were closer - with the larger percentage not minding music playing, but I know from my own browsing habits that I'm less likely to spend time on a blog that has music (mostly because it may not be a song I like, or it's always the same song playing when I visit that particular blog). I've decided to go ahead and pull the plug on the music as a result, at least for now.

I've been busy going through a ton of bags that my daughters have filled upon cleaning their bedrooms and getting rid of the toys they never play with anymore. It's been a job to pull out what's trash, what's recyclable, and what's in good enough condition to be taken down to our local Goodwill donation center. What a job! I've also been working in my craft room, trying to reorganize in there, and get rid of some things that were piling up. Next will be to go through the stamp collection and lighten the load a bit (to make room for what I just ordered from the new catty).

I head back to work tomorrow (my, summer vacation this year flew by faster than it usually does!), but I hope to get back to some stamping really soon!

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting today!

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