Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stamping... Well, Kinda...

My daughter's sixth grade class has to enlarge an item approximately 10 times for their upcoming art show. We weren't sure what she should do, and having her tell us a week before it was due didn't help much. One of my math teacher coworkers suggested a Rubik's cube enlargement. I set off to Walgreens as I'd remembered seeing them there around Christmas time, and I was fortunate to find both the classic version and the new Rubrik's Revolution, both in full and micro-sized editions. After some measuring, I decided to get the micro-sized cube. I went over to the UPS Store to find a cardboard box that would work, and scored when I found one exactly ten times as large as the cube! We cut squares of Whisper White cardstock (48 of them!) and then got busy embossing. I coated them with my VersaMark pad, added embossing powder, and then handed the square off to my daughter who had fun with my heat tool. I used several opaque tinsel embossing powders that I had purchased long ago at Michaels, along with one I had picked up at a stamping convention. To give it the look and feel of our micro cube, my daughter painted the box, then went through several rolls of adhesive to add the embossed squares onto cutouts I had cut for her from black poster board. She added the huge pop dots that I'd found at Michaels, and I placed the panels on the box while she gave me feedback for their placement. For the cube centers, we had found some red cellophane wrapping paper at Michaels which we wrapped over a square of black poster board before adding it to another to mat it. My husband and I were really pleased with the way it turned out, and I hope her art teacher likes it, too!

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