Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Boy, it's been one thing after another, and no time to stamp! I was hoping to have some time to make the cards that will go with my technique pages that we'll be stamping at my upline's team meeting at the end of the month, but I'm wondering if I'm going to find the time to do them! Grades were due after spring break, and I have a stack of stuff I brought home from the new quarter to grade. Saturday will be a busy day for us, too. My girls' Girl Scout troop is taking their trip for selling all of those cookies, and we're going to Sea World in San Diego to swim with the dolphins! It's a 2 hour program where they'll learn about dolphin anatomy and physiology, talk with a veterinarian, learn some hand signals the trainers use with the dolphins, and then 20 minutes of time in the water with the dolphins! A very cool opportunity, if you ask me. Their cookie sales will take care of the $160 fee per girl for the DIP or Dolphin Interaction Program, a snack, lunch, dinner, and all but $25 of the entrance fee to the park. Not too bad a reward for selling all those cookies! Last year they got to go to the LA Museum of Natural History for some classes and then a sleepover in the museum! Our troop got to sleep in the hall of African animals, and then visit the butterfly exhibit the next morning. Then when Sunday arrives, my oldest has an enlargement project to do for art (which of course she waited to the last minute to tell me about). She has to take an object and enlarge it approximately 10 times, so we picked something simple and got a key chain version of a Rubrik's cube that she'll be enlarging. It's the newer version with shiny sides, so instead of spending a ton on metallic paper, we're going to try embossing 5 inch squares with glittery embossing powder... so I guess I will be stamping this weekend afterall! We'll try a test tonight to see how it's going to look. If she gets her act together and finishes it up, I'll try to fit in the time to make my Joseph's Coat and Dazzling Diamond Dust technique cards so they'll be ready to go for next weekend's team meeting! Have a great weekend, and I'll post anything I manage to get done. :)

Don't we look cute posing with Ripley, our dolphin for the Dolphin Interaction Program???

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