Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Stamping Poem by Pauline

I was looking over the latest blog entries with Google Reader this afternoon and found this great poem that Pauline Slovak had sent to Michelle Zindorf.  Loved it so much, I wanted to pass it along (to the tune of Winter Wonderland):

Brayers roll. . . . are you listening.
On the card. . . . ink is glistening.
A Beautiful sight. . .  we’re happy tonight.
Stamping in a Winter wonderland.

In the kitchen we can stamp a snowman.
Then add color to his carrot nose.
You’ll say:  Are you Finished?
I’ll say:  No Ma’am, I need to add some glitter to make snow.

When we stamp . . .  ain’t it thrilling.
Even when . . . .  the powders spilling.
We’ll create and we’ll play. . . .the art stamper way,
Stamping in a Winter wonderland.

Isn't that just an awesome poem?  Bravo, Pauline, and thank you, Michelle, for putting it up on your blog.  Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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