Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Still Alive...

It's been a busy February and March.  I was on a jury for 16 days in February (my first time), so I had very little time to do any stamping between being in court and then writing lesson plans for my subs.  I was originally called for the week of Thanksgiving, but I didn't want to spend my vacation on jury duty, so I postponed it until the end of January.  I was one of the first 18 called up to the jury box, and the judge and attorneys didn't ask me much, which I knew meant I'd likely be selected.  Unfortunately for my students, we couldn't get one person who would be available to cover all of my court dates, and I ended up with 4 different subs.  Let me tell you, my kids were happy to see me when I was back for good.  The trial was interesting.  It was a murder case, and a difficult one at that because of the circumstances involved.  After two days and another hour or so of deliberating, we ended up with a verdict of involuntary manslaughter.  I was amazed how emotionally drained I was when I got home after the verdict was read.  It was also tough saying goodbye to those 11 people I'd been hanging out with during the course of the trial.  We went through a lot together those last couple of days.  I just hope that the defendant makes some lasting changes in his lifestyle so that this type of unfortunate incident doesn't happen again.  What was the toughest was knowing that no matter what we decided, nothing would bring back the victim, and I know his family was upset that we didn't find the defendant guilty of first degree murder, but the evidence and testimony in the case didn't support that.  It was a good first jury experience - I just wish it had been for a shorter trial.  I had to laugh, though - my hubby got a jury summons during the last part of the trial, which he's put off until state testing at school is over.

I'm starting my second week of Spring Break.  Last week my DH and I spent three nights at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  We saw Rita Rudner one night, sat out by the Venetian pool one afternoon and had a nice dinner at Benihana over at the Las Vegas Hilton.  It was nice to have some time just for the two of us.  Our girls stayed with our youth director at church again, and they had a good time even though they were there on three weekdays.  Next time Jean said she'd love to have them for a weekend day to hang out together.  It's nice to have someone to leave them with so we can spend some quality time together now and then.

I did get some stamping time in this weekend at my friend Erin's.  My upline, Jeanne, does a stamp camp for Erin each month, and it's fun to get to see the stamping friends I've met there each time I can make it.  The theme was butterflies, featuring the Flight of the Butterfly stamp set, as well as the butterflies die and emboslet.  We got to choose ahead of time which card design we wanted to make, as well as how many, which is cool.  I've been doing the same with my own stamp campers at work, and I think they like being able to pick and choose.

Right now I'm working on my swaps for our team meeting on Sunday, and I'll share some pictures once I've got them done.  Speaking of my swaps, I'd better get off the computer and work on them... thanks for stopping by today!

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ottersln said...

Glad you are back! I had a similar experience except the charge was possession with intent to distribute. We found him guilty. His life was forever changed by the verdict but it was the only verdict we could in good conscience come too. Very draining and I still pray for him and the young baby he leaves for his family to raise.